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The principal aim of Southern Voices is to foster a love of choral music amongst boys, girls and young adults, through the rehearsal and performance of a wide variety of choral music from all genres and cultures. This is facilitated by our dedicated, experienced and highly qualified staff who are brought together by a mutual love of the music being taught.

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I wanted to share something beautiful from Gwen's first evening in Concert Choir. She was terribly nervous going in... and came out walking on air, beaming! She said "The choir leader had the most beautiful voice I have ever heard and she had me spellbound... I feel like I have come home and that my voice was meant to be in that choir, and it needs my voice to be in it." If that isn't testimony, I don't know what is! I'm thrilled that Gwen is having such a rich musical experience, singing music that is beautiful, timeless - and fun! Thank you!

Gill C
Choir parent


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