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Make sure the details were correct, as even the smallest typo means that the login will fail. If you still can't login, contact the Choir to see if the details have changed.
There is a broken link on the web site
Links to other sites are beyond our control so if you find a broken link, just let us know and we'll amend the site accordingly.

In addition, the content of some sites may not be appropriate to the users of this site.

My child does/not appear in the Choir's media
The publishing of media online requires the consent of the people involved, especially when dealing with children.

As part of the enrolment process you or another parent or guardian would have signed a Southern Voices information form, which included a clause specific to this issue at section 6(h). This clause states that you give your consent for images of your child to be used in relation to this website.

This website looks funny on my computer
Many of the features on this site require javascript (if you don't know what javascript is, don't worry, it won't be in the exam). If there are elements of the site that are not working, make sure scripting is enabled in your web browser. Even I can do this bit.

Grab a nice coffee and follow these friendly instructions:

Internet Explorer
Tools » Internet options » Security tab
Click on "Internet" then "Custom level", scroll down to "Scripting"
Disable "Active scripting" and "Scripting of Java applets"
(You'll probably have to restart Internet Explorer)

Mozilla / Firefox
Firefox » Preferences » click on "Content"
Make sure "Enable Java" and "Enable Javascript" are checked

Safari » Preferences » click on "Security"
Make sure "Enable Javascript" is checked